How to talk dude.

Are there any guys out there who always have no clue what your office workers are saying when they start talking about the latest sports news, hot girls, sports cars and all the other things you could care less about? Well, worry not, because you’re not alone! There are so many guys out there who are just like you. Of course, you might not care about things like sports but having a good relationship with your fellow workers is very important. You have to be flexible in your language use so learning to talk “dude” is essential.

Lucky for you, there is now the Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points system! This is your one quick stop to all the “dude” knowledge you need to know in order to communicate effectively with your colleagues. If you don’t know what this system is all about, the video below will tell you all about it.

With the Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points system, your work life will never be the same again! Not only will you be able to understand what your fellow dudes and bros are talking about, you can actually contribute to the conversation too! Can you feel the worry about your lack of “dude-ness” going away?

Now, this might not be as easy as it seems. It’s not enough to just know about the latest “dude” news. In order to communicate effectively with your colleagues, you have to be person-centered. In other words, you should “adapt to the specific, unique, individuals with whom (you) interact”. For example, there might be a guy in your office who is totally into football. Therefore, you “adapt” by talking to him about the latest football news. And make sure you use the proper football expressions or terms when talking to him because it will make you seem that much more believable as a football fan. Same goes to your boss who might have an interest in sports cars. Learning the right terminology related to cars will definitely let you communicate more effectively with him.

Of course, there might be some of you who think that learning to talk “dude” is completely unnecessary and pointless, and I agree. Why should you pretend to be interested in all these things just to show your colleagues that you’re “normal” like them? But truth is, being flexible in your language use “can often make a crucial difference to (your) communicative success”. Making the effort to relate to the interests of your workmates is the first step in building a good relationship with them. They will have a better impression of you and suddenly your work life doesn’t seem all that bad.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points system now and start your journey to Dude-ville.


8 responses to “How to talk dude.

  1. “Making the effort to relate to the interests of your workmates is the first step in building a good relationship with them.”

    I agree with you on this! Being able to relate is one way to ensure a relationship is established. Over time, and through communication, one will be able to communicate with others on other topics. Being able to relate to the interests is like an ice-breaker towards forming a better interpersonal communication.

  2. Yup finding common interests between ourselves and others is a good way to establish a relationship. Even if you can’t find any, I think just making an effort to understand and relate is an effective way to ensure a good relationship. People will appreciate that you are making an effort and that already gives a good impression on yourself.

  3. i conquered tech glitches

    I really don’t know man. I think when we first interact with people, that’s what we do, we adapt to their comfort zone. We break the ice and attempt to have just a little casual talk, just so you know if this friendship is gonna work out i guess?

    Personally, I think it’s rather tiring, to adapt to something that you really have no interest in. Like having to learn about Soccer or Basketball just so you can talk to your other half or your guy best friends. Isn’t it terrible? If one day you realized that actually, this friendship of yours, was based on a pack of lies? I would. Knowing that i forced myself to like Sports when I actually don’t.

    • I wouldn’t say the friendship was based on a pack of lies. You’re not changing your whole personality just to fit the other person. It’s just good if you make an effort to get to know the other person’s interest in order to establish a stronger relationship with him/her.

      I think this applies more in the workplace, where you have to work with your colleagues and if you don’t find a common ground with them, it won’t be that good for your work life, is it?

  4. does this solely apply to guys? because i do not see a need to ‘join’ in their conversation? at least i think that ladies will just perfer to stay in their own world? or is it just me?

    • Well, in this entry, it specifically applies to guys but in general, I think it’s important for people to respect and understand other people’s interests. Or at least find some common interest that you have with another person to establish a good relationship with him/her.

  5. cheryl

    This is really very relevant in today’s society as we now engage in more different activities and have different interests. However, it is very important to be able to communicate well with one another, especially when all of you are working in the same office everyday. There is not a need to join each and every individual in the office and to amuse them with the topics that they like and you have no idea at all. Instead, why not just come up with a more common and general topic that appeals to everyone so that all individuals can express themselves more freely without having to be afraid of using the wrong expressions? This can definitely build up a stronger relationship between one another.

  6. I think when it comes to the workplace, making an effort to get to know your colleagues more shows that you really care about having a better relationship with them, and not just a colleague-colleague thing. I know that some people don’t think this is at all necessary, but in my experience, making this effort makes work life a whole lot more fun.

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