Google Goes Gaga

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga dropped by Google for an exclusive interview with Marissa Mayer, the vice-president of consumer products at Google. The interview mainly centered around Gaga’s outlook on her fame and her life, with the conversation occasionally straying into the topic of the convergence of technology with pop culture.

It is common knowledge that the Internet has propelled so many aspiring musicians to a successful career. There’s Google, Youtube, Myspace and the list goes on and on. All these different types of media forms have helped everyday people garner fame through their videos on Youtube, or songs posted on Myspace. Think Justin Bieber, and of course, Lady Gaga. Even Rebecca Black, who, yes has become completely famous overnight though for all the wrong reasons, got to that stage with the help of Twitter and Youtube. The fast development and wide adoption of new communication technologies has led to media globalisation, so basically anyone, anywhere has easy access to everything that is going on in the world. You could be living in the most remote location in, let’s say, Africa but if you’ve got a computer and access to the Internet, even you would be suffering from Bieber fever, or dancing to Gaga’s Born This Way, or unfortunately have Friday by Black stuck in your head.

In the Google interview, one of the things that Lady Gaga talked about was how with the advanced technology we have now, it is so easy for people to have a taste of fame just by, for example, posting videos on Youtube. For instance, Maria Aragon, a ten-year-old Filipino-Canadian singer instantly shot to international fame when a Youtube video of her covering Gaga’s Born This Way was discovered by the international popstar herself and Gaga retweeted a link to the video to her eight million followers. This caused the video to reach over 10 million views in five days, and this has now increased to over 25 million views. This is a perfect example of how powerful the Internet is, with the creation of websites like Youtube and Twitter.

There was also a question by a fan that was posted to Gaga regarding the ability to garner fame through Youtube and the effects that come with it, and she asked, “I’m curious about your reaction to YouTube as a form for new artists and for some of the criticism that maybe young people get for going online and on the other side, there is the Justin Biebers that are getting famous through YouTube, so what do you think about the future of fame through YouTube?”

To this, Gaga replied, “I think it’s fantastic. I think Rebecca Black is a genius and anyone who is telling her that she’s cheesy is full of shit.”

The Pokerface singer has not watched the video by Black, however. She was only referring to Black’s ability to generate 50 million views and become an Internet sensation. The story of the “amazing” singer that is Rebecca Black also goes back to my point of the Internet as a powerful form of new media. It is beneficial in so many ways but it also causes a lot of negative effects, as proven by Black. But if you choose to use the World Wide Web in hopes of becoming the next Internet sensation, you’ll know there will be consequences to bear, be it good or bad.

For your entertainment, here’s a video (don’t worry it’s not Friday) by Maria Aragon with her cover of Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

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Youtube – Google Goes Gaga

17 responses to “Google Goes Gaga

  1. Why is it that I am giggling at your references to Rebecca Black? :D

    I think Internet is a tool that singers should embrace. Gone are the days of the need to constantly promote the singer through radio and television appearances. All you need to do is promote yourself through the Internet. Like for Rebecca Black case, twitter really helped her in terms of making people view her video. Being unknown and a trending topic invoked curiosity among people. At least that is how I discovered her (I regret looking her up on youtube). At the end of the day, Internet is another medium singers and entertainers can use instead of traditional medium like radio and television.

  2. Haha I’m sorry I tried to resist but she’s way too appropriate for this post for me to ignore.

    Anyway, I agree with you that singers should take advantage of the Internet to promote themselves. Not only singers, actually. Basically anyone who posts a video on YouTube has the chance to be discovered. For example, there’s this YouTube celebrity, who goes by the name communitychannel, who actually got the chance to travel all over the world for a Lonely Planet special. How lucky is that!

    The Internet can do absolute wonders but if you’re not careful, then you’re going to face some harsh consequences. (I’m referring to Rebecca Black, obviously.)

  3. Hidayah

    Honestly, the internet is the fastest way for anyone to get recognition. News spread faster and communication is smoother. Be it a singer, a dancer or even a mangaka (I just HAD to bring that up :D). The internet provides you an even wider audience. People may complain about downloading songs/videos/scans illegally. But hey, if you managed to earn yourslef fans, they’ll buy the hard-copies of your releases regardless of it being available for free online.

    • Thanks for the comment Hidayah! Yes, I definitely agree with you that the Internet is the most efficient and effective way to gain recognition. Anyone in the world can take advantage of it, especially if they have fame in mind.

      About illegal downloading, that is one of the many disadvantages of the Internet. Even some musicians themselves admit to downloading songs illegally. It’s just the truth, and it’s a risk artists have to take. Who says the Internet’s all good?

  4. Aspiring musicians have always been using the internet as a platform to showcase their talents. Before myspace became popular, musicians have been uploading their music to websites such as purevolume. Singapore also has their own site, SOFT, where local musicians and their fans congregate to discuss on their favourite bands and artist. This serves to prove how powerful the internet is in the spread of media.

    • Thanks for the comment Johan! I knew about purevolume but had no idea that Singapore has its own site. That’s pretty cool.

      I think, especially when it comes to local musicians, the Internet is an excellent way to make yourself known. Singapore is such a small country that I wonder if people outside even take notice of the talent we have here. But the Internet has made it possible for homegrown talent to be discovered by people overseas and enable them to garner fans. I think the fact that musicians like The Great Spy Experiment and Inch Chua were able to perform at SXSW in the States show how beneficial the Internet can be in promoting musicians and other kinds of artists too.

  5. Awesome Tech Jinx

    Hello hello! ;)
    I agree that Internet is the fastest and easiest way to gain recognition. I mean, how hard is it for someone to film something, perhaps edit a little (I doubt everyone would) and have it uploaded to Youtube? I feel that it’s the easy access which makes everyone a little “superstar” somehow or rather. But then again, I think there’s too many (crappy) videos on the Internet that perhaps we may have just missed out the real good talents.

    • Hey Awesome Tech Jinx!

      “I feel that it’s the easy access which makes everyone a little “superstar” somehow or rather.”

      Definitely agree with you on this. There are so many people who have become YouTube celebrities just by posting videos. Everyone loves a bit of fame, and YouTube is the perfect platform to get that instantly. It’s just a matter of whether you are willing to deal with any consequences that might come your way, be it positive or negative.

  6. ilya

    Think the internet has been a great tool in terms of levelling the field for many aspiring artists. Many can make their presence known in the world wide web out there (though this requires you to know technical skills, html, how to make your presence known in facebook, twitter, etc, etc). These however are very accessible skills that can be learnt. (:

    • True that. The skills you learn to promote yourselves on the Internet can be very beneficial. In the case of aspiring artists, learning these skills will definitely help them to gain recognition, not only in their own country but overseas as well. Yet another point that shows how powerful the Internet can be.

  7. haha no doubt technology has really helped many people to gain fame. though personally im not a fan of lady gaga, i must admit that it has in a way become part of my life. and i don’t know how it has!

    • “and i don’t know how it has!”

      See! The Internet is so influential that you’re not even aware of how it has become a part of your life. This just proves how powerful the Internet is. We just accept everything that comes our way without question.

  8. Why are you even using Rebecca Black and Lady Gaga in the same paragraph? Hahaha FUN FUN FUN FUN!

    You have to admit though, that technically Rebecca Black did get what she wanted in the end — fame. Youtube is perhaps the greatest invention of this decade. It has allowed people to not only achieve fame but also pursue their dreams, be it actor, comedian, producer, model or in Rebecca’s case, a one hit wonder.

    • Oh man. It’s so sad to think that Friday will be remembered in the years to come as a “one hit wonder”.

      Anyway, I agree with you that YouTube has helped so many people pursue their dreams, especially for aspiring artists. It’s amazing the advanced technology we have now that enables us to have easy access to everything and everyone. Makes me wonder what people will come up with next.

  9. yingzhi siow

    Internet is a very powerful tool. It can make one go famous within a few days but it can also tarnish one’s reputation with just a snap of finger. Rebecca Black’s video created such a sensation that it has the highest “Dislike” so far. A total of 1.3 million dislikes is seriously no joke. Internet kills some but on the other hand helps many.

    • Wow 1.3 million dislikes?! That’s insane.

      It is true that the Internet can bring positive consequences for some people, while bad ones for others. This is because everything that you do on the Internet, be it posting videos on YouTube, or Facebook-ing, it’s there for everyone to see. You’re basically making yourself vulnerable to these effects so if you’re not prepared to take a hit, you should probably stay away from these kinds of things, for a while at least.

  10. it is interesting that you compare Lady Gaga with other singers who got famous through Youtube. I thought it clearly show the power of the internet to make or break a person. Perhaps a little more about why aspiring singers turn to posting their work on the internet?

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