Farewell, Geography. Hello, World.

This is one of my favorite cartoons from Hugh MacLeod, a cartoonist and writer of Evil Plans. It so simply states how massively powerful the Internet can be, and what it can do for artists who wish to showcase their creative products to the world. Before the Internet, more specifically social media, most artists knew that in order for them to really be heard, they had to move to big cities like New York and London. Of course, success was not a sure thing once they moved, but living in these places made the slightest chance of that happening possible.

Although New York is still probably one of the most ideal cities to be in as an artist wanting to make it in this aggressively competitive world, the advent of social media is the best thing that has happened to artists everywhere. No longer is it necessary for musicians, writers, painters etc. to pack their bags and move to a city full of people with the same dreams. Just staying right where they are, even in the smallest of towns, is enough to make themselves be heard.

Take Bandcamp, for example. Bandcamp is an online music store, which also doubles as a platform for new and independent musicians to promote their music. Membership is absolutely free. The public can also listen to songs by these musicians free-of-charge, and if they like what they hear, they can buy the albums directly from the website itself. Bandcamp is practically heaven for budding musicians who wish to get their music out there, and also for people who love discovering new artists. That is what makes it so effective. It combines everything into one neat package, bringing musicians and their fans that much closer together. And Bandcamp is not the only website that does this. Other sites such as SoundCloud and Topspin offer similar platforms for independent musicians to share their works.

Social media is probably one of the greatest things to have come out of the Internet, and knowing how to utilize it can do wonders for an artist, especially a new and emerging one.

First photo: A Generation Ago by gapingvoid
Second photo: How To Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon


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