Trees and Travel

Social networking websites have helped us discover new found connections not only with our friends, but with people all over the world too. These connections can be related to our work, taste in music, places we have travelled to, and so on. Social networking websites make it easier for us to find these connections with complete strangers, but have you ever thought of using these websites to find long-lost blood connections? Or maybe you wish to find out if you are related in any way to someone famous. If that sounds appealing, then just sign up for a Geni account!

Geni is a social networking website that allows people to create their own genealogies. You can build your own family tree, and if that sounds like too much work for one person to do, you can invite your family members and relatives to help build the family tree as well. Geni’s aim is to create a family tree of the world; a shared family tree of common ancestors. Thus, you can find connections to other people that you didn’t even know were in any way related to you. The website also features the family trees of famous people such as the US presidents, athletes, actors, and many more. Geni is a great way for families to keep track of their historical records, ensuring that everything is easily accessed in one convenient place.

Another useful social networking website that allows people to find unexpected connections from all over the world is TravBuddy.

TravBuddy specifically caters to connecting travelers everywhere. It allows users to find travel buddies; people who are traveling to the same destinations as you at the same time, create blogs, upload photos, and post reviews of hotels, tourist attractions, and anything that might interest travel enthusiasts. TravBuddy is extremely useful in finding out about your favorite travel destinations, interesting places recommended by fellow travelers, and of course, to find a potential travel buddy to accompany you in your world adventures.

With the abundance of social networking websites, it is almost impossible to not find one that specifically caters to your particular interests, so start searching and start connecting.


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