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When I think of the word blog, the first few things that come to my mind are fashion blogs, food blogs, and music blogs. These kinds of blogs are commonplace on the Internet. But one thing that has never crossed my mind is corporate blogs.

A corporate blog is published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals. There are mainly two types of corporate blogs: internal and external.

Internal blogs are blogs that any employee of the particular organization can view, and are generally accessed through the corporation’s Intranet. Meanwhile, external blogs are publicly available, and allows anyone to view and comment on the posts.

Corporate blogs may either be written for consumers (Business-to-Consumer) or for producers (Business-to-Business). Some of the more well-known corporate blogs are the Official Google Blog and The Windows Blog.

While corporate blogs are popular among many major organizations, small and independent entrepreneurs are also creating their own blogs to promote themselves and their products. Some examples are WilloToons and Inheritance Jewelry. Creating a corporate blog is an effective way for entrepreneurs to showcase their products simply because almost everyone has access to the Internet. With proper promotion of their blogs (using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, for example), anyone can find out about them and share with people they know.

So for those who have an idea that they have been mulling over for a while now, go ahead and share it with the world – start blogging about it.

Corporate Blogs (Wikipedia)


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