Learning Through A Rookie

Whenever I think of the word e-learning, the first thing that comes to my mind is the lessons that I had in the computer lab in primary and secondary school. In those days, my use of the Internet at home was only limited to an hour everyday, so I jumped on every chance I got to use the school computers.

E-learning is not only associated with academic-related stuff though. It consists of any forms of electronically-supported learning and teaching.

Let’s say you watched an episode of Community recently, and was inspired by the hilariously odd pair – Troy’s and Abed’s – idea of making a blanket fort.

No idea on how to make a fort as awesome as the one in the show? Well, let’s just start with the basics first. Here you go.

Bored of your old white sneakers that are just sitting there, collecting dust? Why not turn them into a pair of saddle shoes? Here is something to get you started.

For those of you who love them out of this world nail art? Take a look at this.

All these tutorials are part of e-learning because we are learning about them through the Internet. E-learning does not only have to include the things you learn in school. It includes everything and anything you can think of.

One of the websites I love to visit to learn about anything DIY is Rookie. (Which explains all the links that I have posted here.)

Rookie is an online magazine mainly for teenage girls but really, it transcends any age boundary because any girl/woman out there can relate to the stuff that its writers talk about. It is the brainchild of Tavi Gevinson, a 15-year-old fashion blogger, and the magazine is filled with all sorts of creative, quirky, and very real and genuine articles about absolutely anything.

One of the things that Rookie posts regularly are DIY tutorials such as the ones I have shown above. It is really great for people who love getting hands-on and creative. There are so many things on there that I would not have thought possible to make by yourself so if you find your creative juices dry one day, make a visit to Rookie and have fun learning!


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