Interacting with Art

Multimedia is a computer-based interactive communications process that incorporates text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.

The use of multimedia can be applied to various categories such as entertainment, education, and even art.

A multimedia artist is one who uses a wide range of media to communicate their art. Multimedia art involves more than one medium; the artist combines visual art with sound, moving images, and other types of media.

The video above shows how Takagi Masakatsu – a multimedia artist and musician – uses different types of software to incorporate sound and graphics in his art. His work has been showcased in many galleries around the world, from New York to Japan to Italy. He has also performed live at art spaces worldwide. The video below is one of the videos made by Masakatsu, entitled world is so beautiful.

Multimedia art usually involves interaction with the viewer as it encourages the engagement of our senses other than sight, such as our sense of touch, hearing, or smell. Thus, audience interaction makes up a big part of a multimedia artwork, bringing art appreciation to a whole new level.


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